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  1. All
  2. Aldie Fire and Rescue Station
  3. Animal Services Facility
  4. Ashburn Recreation and Community Center
  5. Ashburn Senior Center
  6. Belmont Ridge Road Improvement
  7. Braddock Road at Summerall/Supreme
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  9. Courts Complex Expansion
  10. Crosstrail Boulevard: Kincaid Boulevard to Russell Branch Parkway
  11. Dulles West Blvd. -Northstar Blvd. to Arcola Blvd.
  12. Evergreen Mills Road and Watson Road Safety Audit
  13. Evergreen Mills Road Realignment
  14. Farmwell Road Intersection Improvements
  15. Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park Project
  16. Lovettsville Community Center
  17. Lovettsville District Park
  18. Lovettsville Fire and Rescue Station
  19. Lucketts Fire and Rescue Station Replacement
  20. Moorefield Station Community Park
  21. Nonprofit Grant Updates
  22. Northstar Boulevard: Route 50 to Tall Cedars Parkway
  23. Northstar Boulevard: Shreveport Drive to Route 50
  1. Philomont Fire and Rescue Station Replacement
  2. Potomac Green Community Park
  3. Riverside Parkway: Loudoun County Parkway to Lexington Drive
  4. Round Hill to Franklin Park Trail
  5. Route 15 (South) Safety and Operational Study
  6. Route 15 and Spinks Ferry Road
  7. Route 15 North Widening: Battlefield Pkwy. to Montresor Rd.
  8. Route 50 and Trailhead Drive Roundabout
  9. Route 7/287 Interchange Improvements
  10. Route 7/690 Interchange
  11. Route 9 and 287 Roundabout
  12. Route 9 Safety and Operational Study
  13. Selma Estates Flood Mitigation
  14. Seneca Ridge Drive Road Improvements
  15. Sterling Boulevard Extension
  16. Sterling Community Center Renovation
  17. Sterling Park Safety Center
  18. Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan
  19. Waxpool Road at Pacific Boulevard/Broderick Drive
  20. Western Loudoun Park and Ride
  21. Westwind Drive
  22. Zoning Ordinance Rewrite