Franklin Park to Purcellville Trail


  • The Franklin Park to Purcellville Trail project will provide access for pedestrian and bicycle traffic from the Franklin Park recreational facilities to the existing sidewalk in downtown Purcellville to enhance access and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Currently, this project is only funded for design with construction funding planned in a future fiscal year.
  • The proposed trail will begin as a 10’ wide shared-use-path at Franklin Park and travel north alongside Franklin Park Drive. At the intersection with Main Street (Business Route 7), the trail will cross to the north side of the street, utilizing a raised concrete median barrier for increased pedestrian safety. The trail will then continue east along the north side of Main Street into the Town of Purcellville, reducing in width from a 10’ wide shared-use-path to a 5’ wide sidewalk as it enters the Town limits. This proposed sidewalk will terminate at the intersection of Main Street and N 28th Street, where it will tie in with the existing sidewalk.
  • On a larger scale, this project is a vital part of the sidewalk and shared-use-path project from Round Hill to Purcellville.
  • The design team submitted the NEPA documentation to VDOT on July 26, 203 for review and approval.

Current Phase: Design - 30% Design Plans

Estimated Timeline

  • Fall 2018 - Summer 2024: Design
  • Fall 2024 - Summer 2026: Right of Way
  • Fall 2026 - Spring 2027: Procurement of Construction Contractor
  • Spring 2027: Award Contract – Construction
  • Spring 2027: Notice to Proceed – Construction
  • Spring 2027 - Spring 2028: Construction
  • Spring 2028: Substantial Completion

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