ESI Assessment


Building and Development conducted an independent assessment of the services provided by the Engineers and Surveyors Institute (ESI) to support the development and review process in Loudoun.  

The assessment sought to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and how they meet the goals of supporting and enhancing the development review and approval processes. The services include Minimum Submission Review (MSR), Team Peer Review (TPR), Educational Services and the Designated Plans Examiner/Plans Review Specialist Programs. Building and Development utilizes these services to increase efficiency in plan review; increase the predictability in overall review/approval times; and ensure quality submission reviews by county staff.

The assessment included county staff and stakeholder (engineers, developers, ESI staff) interviews, a review of best practices from surrounding jurisdictions, a review of performance data from Loudoun County and ESI, a review of class feedback information and curriculum/class information, and a review of policies, procedures, and processes from Loudoun County and ESI.

Results of this assessment include recommendations to the county for improvements to ESI services. 

Assessment Report and Presentation