ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

Background & Objective

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that all State and Local Government agencies (referred to as Title II agencies) employing 50 or more individuals must undertake an ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan. This requirement extends to all public entities, regardless of their size. 

The objective of this project has two parts:

  • Self-Evaluation: identify any potential barriers impeding the participation of individuals with disabilities in the county’s programs, services, and activities.  
  • Transition Plan: create an actionable, trackable method for addressing those barriers. The transition plan details any structural/programmatic changes that would be undertaken to achieve access and specifies a time frame for their completion. It functions as a master plan and shows good faith that we have identified our issues and will work on them.. 

Scope of Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

  • All facilities that are used or accessed by members of the public
  • All public-facing programs and services
  • County website
  • Policies and standard operating procedures 
  • Public right-of-way and county-maintained roads

Stay Informed About This Project


Accessibility Services Manager Sahar Behboudifar
Phone: 571-258-3282 (TTY 711)