What happens if my child is placed on probation?
Probation is a court disposition that typically results in a juveniles remaining in the community with certain requirements and/or restrictions that meet the goals set forth by the court to change the young person behavior with structure to limit the range of potential wrongdoing and an understanding and response to life experiences that enable pro-social behavior. Requirements for juvenile placed on probation may include reporting to a probation officer, attendance at counseling or other specific activities, attendance at school or work, being test for alcohol or drug use, performing community service, and paying restitution. Restrictions might include a specific curfew, being unable to travel outside of the state without specific permission, and prohibitions on associating with certain individuals.

Failure to meet the requirements of probation often results in increasingly restrictive responses that may ultimately culminate in the juveniles removal from the community and placement in some form of more restrictive placement.

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