Why is this Zoning Ordinance Amendment proposed?

In these 16 zoning districts, density is expressed as a lot yield or “lots per acre.”  In order to increase consistency across all zoning districts, the proposed amendment would uniformly state residential density as the “maximum number of dwelling units” per acre (or other land area).

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1. Why did I receive a letter from the county?
2. Why is this Zoning Ordinance Amendment proposed?
3. Would this amendment result in a change to the number of dwelling units currently permitted on a parcel?
4. How will this affect the value of my property?
5. Will this Zoning Ordinance Amendment affect my taxes?
6. Am I still allowed to build an accessory dwelling unit/structure (e.g. in-law apartment, carriage house apartment, granny pad, etc.)?
7. Does this affect my ability to build a barn or non-dwelling structure?
8. What is the process and timeline for the adoption of this amendment?