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Ashburn Senior Center

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Admission Fee

Annual membership is $32 for county residents and $48 for non-residents. Drop-in or other fees apply to some programs.


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Arts and Crafts Room
  3. Classroom(s)
  4. Commercial Kitchen
  5. Dance Studio
  6. Fitness Area(s)
  7. Free Parking
  8. Group Exercise
  9. Gymnasium
  10. Leisure Programs
  11. Lunch Program
  12. Meeting Room(s)
  13. Multipurpose Room(s)
  14. Office/Visitor Center
  15. Party Rentals
  16. Pickleball
  17. Pool Tables
  18. Pottery Kiln
  19. Restrooms
  20. Special Events
  21. Transportation Services

Ashburn Senior Center opens to the public June 17, 2021. In FY 2009, the Board of Supervisors approved an initial plan for a 15,000 square foot senior center to be built in the future (beyond the six-year planning period) to serve the greater Ashburn area. In FY 2017, site was dedicated to the County by Toll Brothers, the developer of the Regency at Ashburn adjacent to the property.
 The Ashburn Senior Center provides administrative and program space for seniors (adults age 55 and above), staff and volunteers. The exterior areas have been designed as extensions to the classroom areas, allowing activities to flow outside to take advantage of the natural surroundings.