What is the Health Department doing in response to these findings?

The Health Department offered free well water testing to the owners of properties in the eastern part of Broad Run Farms. Of the 81 properties that took advantage of the free testing or shared their private test results, 32 wells showed some level of some level of contamination with TCE, with 17 at or above the EPA’s maximum contaminant level of greater than 05 milligrams per liter. Based on these test results, the Health Department strongly recommends that properties on both sides of Red Rose Drive as well as those in the easternmost part of Youngs Cliff Road install whole house filtration systems effective at removing TCE. The Health Department would like all residents in the testing area to consider installing a whole house water filtration device.

The Health Department is conducting quarterly sampling for TCE at four properties at the perimeter of the sampling area. The purpose of this sampling is to give the county more information as to whether or not the contamination is expanding beyond the previously sampled areas.

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10. What is the Health Department doing in response to these findings?
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