What is Loudoun County doing to help keep people safe from Zika?
The Loudoun County Health Department (LCHD) has been coordinating Zika preparedness and response efforts with the Virginia Department of Health in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance. LCHD has been working with the local medical community to best identify people at risk of Zika infection and to coordinate the evaluation of those approved for blood testing. LCHD also has developed response and communication plans. Throughout mosquito season, the department will be working closely with various stakeholders to inform the community about Zika virus and the steps that people should take to minimize the threat of Zika through various communication channels that include public schools, health care providers, educational brochures, and online platforms, such as social media, e-news, and website.

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8. What is Loudoun County doing to help keep people safe from Zika?
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