When can I get 1-on-1 assistance?

One-on-one staff assistance to navigate the WRC programs and services is currently available, during normal business hours in-person, via phone, email or on a virtual platform. This includes an assessment of your career related needs to make recommendations, referrals, and next steps to support your employment goals.

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1. What is the income eligibility to use basic career services and for individualized career services?
2. When can I get 1-on-1 assistance?
3. Are there services / accessibility / accommodations for those with a disability?
4. How much do the services cost?
5. Can I get training?
6. Can I use the Workforce Resource Center if I live in another county?
7. Will the Workforce Resource Center do a job match or placement for me?
8. What is the process to receive Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program services?
9. Does the Workforce Resource Center offer assistance to individuals with criminal convictions?
10. Is the Workforce Resource Center a Virginia Employment Commission field office?