How do I purchase a dog license?

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires Loudoun County to require all dogs four months of age and older to be licensed. In Loudoun County, dog licenses are issued to run concurrently with the rabies vaccination effective period for each individual dog. The county will also issue permanent tags to remain with the dog for its lifetime (replacement tags are available if needed). All dogs must have a license tag securely attached to a collar and worn whenever the dog is off of the owner’s property. Citizens have the option to purchase dog licenses for one-, two-, or three-year periods provided that the rabies certificate is valid for the period of time being covered. The cost is $10 per dog per year, regardless of spay / neuter status. Dog licenses may be purchased at the Animal Shelter, the Treasurer’s offices in Leesburg and Sterling, or by mail through the use of this form (PDF). For more information on dog licensing, contact Animal Services at 703-777-0406 ext. 2873 or via email.

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