I received a real estate tax bill, but I escrow my taxes. Why am I getting it?
We do not automatically send tax information to mortgage companies. By state code, we are required to send information to mortgage companies if they request it. With the growth of the county, we rely on mortgage companies to request the information. Most of the large mortgage companies work closely with us and request tax information electronically on specific parcels each tax period. Others may rely on you to provide that information to them.

If taxes have not been paid, state code requires us to send the delinquent billing to the legal owner who is responsible for the taxes. You must contact your mortgage company to determine if the payment has been made, when and to whom. We recommend getting a check number, date issued and dollar amount to aid in any research. Failure of your mortgage company to pay the taxes on time does not relieve you of your tax liability and any late payment penalties and/or interest.

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15. I received a real estate tax bill, but I escrow my taxes. Why am I getting it?
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