Do I need to file a personal property return for my vehicle, trailer, or boat every year?

To avoid a 10% late filing penalty, newly acquired vehicles or those recently entering Loudoun County must be reported to the Commissioner of Revenue within 60 days of purchase or move to Loudoun County or one of its incorporated towns (Hamilton, Hillsboro, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Purcellville, or Round Hill).
 If you do not file, a 10% late filing penalty will be added to your annual tax each year until a filing occurs.

After a vehicle's initial registration, the Commissioner's Office annually mails vehicle personal property filing notices, allowing residents to report corrections, address changes, the sale or disposal of vehicles, or unusually high mileage since these factors may affect the property's valuation or the number of months a vehicle is taxed in the county. Vehicle personal property tax information may be filed online at The Commissioner requests that all changes be submitted by February 1 to assist in establishing accurate assessments for each tax year.

You are not required to file online if you have previously filed on your vehicle and there are no ownership, address or other changes. Please note that taxes are billed to the name in which the vehicle or trailer is registered with DMV.

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