Can I host a food truck, caterer, or other vendor?

Business transactions of any type are not permitted during pavilion rentals, including but not limited to food trucks/trailers, vendors, and concessionaires. No food trucks are allowed.

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1. How do I schedule a pavilion rental?
2. What is the earliest date and time I can reserve a pavilion?
3. Can I host a public event at a pavilion?
4. I have reserved a pavilion for an event, and I would like to send out invitations to guests. Where can I find the physical address of the park/facility pavilion where my event is located?
5. The pavilion I am interested isn’t listed on the Pavilion Rentals webpage. Can I still reserve it?
6. How do I find a pavilion’s maximum capacity?
7. Are nearby amenities such as playgrounds or fields included in my rental?
8. How do I find out the amenities (restrooms/portable toilets/electricity/grills) at or near the pavilion?
9. What if there is inclement weather?
10. Can we add decorations to the area?
11. Are speakers/amplified music allowed at the pavilion?
12. Can we bring in our own grill to use at the Pavilion(s)?
13. Are alcoholic beverages or tobacco products permitted at your facility?
14. Can we have a moon bounce?
15. Can I host a food truck, caterer, or other vendor?
16. What forms of payment do you accept?
17. On the day of my event, can I arrive early and/or stay late to set-up and clean-up?
18. Who is responsible for cleaning after my rental?
19. Who do I contact if the pavilion is occupied during my rental timeframe?
20. If I have further questions, what do I need to do?