How will Apple Maps/Google Maps/Waze/FedEx/USPS get my new street name and address?

During the week that your street name becomes official, the county will provide updates to Apple Maps, Google Maps, Open Street Map, TomTom, and Waze. Road name updates typically appear within one to four weeks. 

Some companies (such as Amazon) manage their own deliveries or contract with delivery companies (such as FedEx) that use proprietary routing software. These companies do not accept updates from the county. When ordering from a vendor by phone or online, we recommend that you advise them that your street name has recently changed, and provide your former address for the company's reference.

The county will notify USPS prior to the date you should begin using your new address. Once USPS updates your new address in their database, you will be able to find it in the USPS online lookup tool.

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