Am I eligible for the ADU Program if I owned a home before?

The ADU Rental and Purchase Programs have different regulations pertaining to previous homeownership:

  • ADU Rental Program: The regulation is that you cannot currently own a home. If the applicant was a previous homeowner or had vested interest in owning a home, then the applicant must provide a deed or any equivalent documentation stating that they are no longer the homeowner or no longer have any vested interest in the property.
  • ADU Purchase Program: The regulation is that you must be a first-time homebuyer or not have owned property within the last three years of the date of application. An exception to the first-time homebuyer / last three-year requirement will only apply to a person who can be defined as a “Displaced Homemaker:” Any individual who owned a home with his/her spouse or resided in a home owned solely by the spouse and has since become divorced or widowed and has sold or given up title and fiduciary responsibility to the property can purchase an ADU without waiting three years.

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12. Am I eligible for the ADU Program if I owned a home before?
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