Registered Email for E-Billing

Beginning with 2018 2nd Half Personal Property E-bill Notices citizens will receive Registered Emails from [email protected]
The email will contain the banner of our partner in eBill services as shown below.

Registered Ebill EmailIf you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
If you are interested in E-Billing please click here

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1. Why are vehicles I currently own not listed?
2. Why are my business personal property accounts not listed?
3. There is a vehicle listed that I no longer own. Whom do I contact?
4. I have a leased vehicle, why can’t I register for E-Bill?
5. I signed up for E-Bill but have not received an e-mail confirmation. Why is that?
6. Will my information be sold or provided to other agencies for purposes other than receiving my tax bills?
7. Why did I still receive a paper bill when I signed up for the E-Bill process?
8. I believe there is an error in the assessed value of my vehicle. Whom do I contact?
9. Registered Email for E-Billing