What is Check Fraud?

The term “Check Fraud” covers several different offenses relating to the passing of bank checks with fraudulent purposes.  Typically speaking, check fraud covers three basic categories.  They include:

  • Bad Checks – You are selling a car for $1,000.  The purchaser writes a check to you for $1,000 which you deposit into your bank and your bank tells you that there are not sufficient funds in the purchasers account to cover the check.  These cases are discussed in further detail below.
  • Forged Checks – Someone steals your blank check and signs your name on the bottom without your knowledge.  Once the check is cashed, or uttered, it becomes a separate prosecutable offense.
  • Counterfeit Checks – Upon receiving and depositing a check, your bank notifies you that the check is counterfeit or that the account does not exist.

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1. What is Check Fraud?
2. What are Bad Checks?
3. Can someone be arrested for writing a bad check?
4. What information will you need to investigate the case of a bad check?
5. Are all bad check cases considered criminal cases?