What is the annual permit Maintenance Fee and why is it important?

Loudoun County must collect permit maintenance fees for each permit annually in accordance with Sections 9VAC25-870-750 and 9VAC25-870-830 of the Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations, in order for the permit to remain in good standing ("active"). The maintenance fee for a given project is based upon the permitted disturbed area, and is due by April 1 of each year. However, if the conditions for permit termination are satisfied by the April 1 due date, payment of the fee is not required. A 10% late fee is applied for payments that are 90 days past due.

Projects for which permit coverage is not maintained in active status shall not proceed with land disturbing activities. Moreover, if permit coverage is not continually maintained, projects that are subject to the Part IIC technical criteria because coverage was obtained prior to July 1, 2014, will become subject to the current Part IIB criteria, and shall be required to revise the associated stormwater management plan for compliance.

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