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Posted on: August 25, 2023

CountrySide Area Stream Restoration Project to begin in October

Link to information about the River Bend Stream Restoration project

Loudoun County plans to begin a stream restoration project in the CountrySide area this fall that is intended to increase animal habitat, improve local water quality and reduce pollutants and sediments into the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The stream, which is a Potomac River tributary, flows between River Bend Middle and Potomac Falls High schools along the north side of Algonkian Parkway through property owned by CountrySide Proprietary.

The two-year project will require the closure of the pedestrian path north of Algonkian Parkway between Rutherford Circle and Chelmsford Court. A detour will guide pedestrians to and from an alternate route on the south side of Algonkian Parkway.

Work to restore 3,125 linear feet of the stream and reintroduce native species will result in the planting of approximately:

  • 600 trees.
  • 6,000 live stakes. Live stakes are stem cuttings inserted directly into the stream bank; the developing root networks help reduce soil loss.
  • 5,000 sage and rush grass plugs.

Riparian and upland seeding along and above the banks of the stream also will be included.  

Removal of some existing trees in the work area will be required; a tree survey was conducted to identify trees that will remain as the work proceeds. Most trees removed will be used for the restoration process; woody debris provides animal habitats, among other environmental benefits.

The project supports state and federal requirements to reduce pollutants into the Chesapeake Bay from local streams and is estimated to:

  • Eliminate more than 200 pounds of phosphorus per year.
  • Eliminate more than 500 pounds of nitrogen per year.
  • Prevent more than 130,000 pounds of total suspended solids, such as sediment or particles that do not dissolve in water, from reaching the Potomac.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-October. 

More information about the project is online at

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