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New Scheduling Process
Civil and criminal scheduling will be separated beginning December 2, 2019. Mondays will be civil scheduling only and Tuesdays will be criminal scheduling only.

Docket Inquiries and Scheduling Needs

The Court will monitor the efficiency of using this email address and the two telephone numbers as a means of communication over the coming months to determine whether they should be adopted on a permanent basis. The Circuit Court may revise the process at any time and will provide notice of changes in advance of the effective date to provide attorneys and litigants with sufficient notice. (Posted October 24, 2019

Civil Cases

In civil cases, the Circuit Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the General District Court over claims from $4,500 to $25,000 and exclusive original jurisdiction over almost all claims exceeding $25,000. The Circuit Court also has jurisdiction over divorce cases, disputes concerning wills and estates, and controversies involving real property.

Criminal Cases

In criminal cases, the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over the trial of all felonies (offenses that may be punished by commitment to the penitentiary) and of those misdemeanors (offenses carrying a penalty of not more than 12 months in jail) on appeal from District Court or originally charged in Circuit Court.

Juvenile Cases

The Circuit Court also has jurisdiction over juveniles age 14 and older who are charged with felonies and whose cases have been certified or transferred by the judge of a Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court for trial in Circuit Court.

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