Cable Television

Cable Television Providers

Loudoun currently has two cable television providers, each of which holds a non-exclusive franchise with the county. 


  • Comcast Franchise Agreement (PDF) (Approved July 2023)
  • Comcast office location: 20453 Exchange Street, Ashburn
  • Comcast can be reached by calling toll free 800-COMCAST (800-266-2278). 
  • The local Public Access telephone number is 571-223-1355.


Loudoun County Ordinances

Community Request for Cable Service

 Learn more about requesting cable service for a neighborhood or community.

Service Areas

View the Comcast Service Area Map (PDF) and the Verizon Service Area Map (PDF) or the images below to see service areas in Loudoun County.

Comcast Service Area Map (PDF)

Link to larger map of Comcast Service Area in Loudoun County

FiOs Availability Map (PDF)

Map of Loudoun County FiOS Availability