Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Permits

The Loudoun County Fire Prevention Code requires a fee for a permit issuance. Permits are valid for the designated period on the issued permit. Permits may not be transferred to a different facility or owner and must be renewed upon expiration.


A Fire Marshal will inspect your facility and upon satisfactory findings, will issue the permit. Please allow 10 business days notice prior to a Fire Marshal scheduling or inspecting your facility or property.

Fire Prevention Code

The Loudoun County Fire Prevention Code has been revised and many of the code references have changed. We will also be capturing all activities that require a permit but only charging for the highest amount. Exception: fees for liquefied petroleum gas (Lpage), explosives and fireworks are cumulative. Therefore, please provide the description and reference number for all of the activities that require a use permit. View Fire Prevention Code (PDF).

Permit Applications

View permit application forms.