Fire and Life Safety Programs

The Loudoun County Fire Marshal’s Office Fire and Life Safety Division coordinates and conducts Fire Safety presentations at no cost to the community. Presentations work to educate citizens on the hazards around the home and workplace, the proper way to eliminate them, and adequate ways to plan for and respond to an emergency.Programs are available for individuals of all ages and provide information on a variety of fire and life safety issues. A short summary of each program is included below.

Email the public education manager for more detailed information about any specific program.

9-1-1 Simulator 

The 911 Simulator is used to teach children how to identify the difference between an emergency and non-emergency. They learn that 9-1-1 should be used if there is an emergency and how to call. Children are encouraged to practice their address and phone number and learn how to respond properly to dispatcher prompts. The child then utilizes a simulator to practice their new skill.

Adopt a Hydrant

In the event of a fire, it is vital that fire and rescue crews are able to quickly gain access to the water supply to extinguish the fire and prevent the loss of life and/or property. This program encourages residents and/or businesses to adopt a hydrant close to their home or business and maintain the area around the hydrant. By pledging to shovel the area around the adopted hydrant, they are providing important assistance to first responders to ensure they have quick access during an emergency. To adopt a hydrant, click here. (hyperlink to form. include information from website on the top of the form)

After the Fire 

After a residential fire or other incident where homeowner(s) are displaced, personnel can provide information to assist with recovery including food, clothing, shelter, and counseling services. Booklets are carried on all apparatus and will be provided to the homeowner on how to access the various services.

Books and Badges 

The Fire Marshal’s Office participates in this program coordinated through the Purcellville Police Department. This program held throughout the year at the Purcellville Public Library provides a dynamic family story-time to community youth ages birth to five and introduces children and their parents to various first responders in the community. 

File of Life 

The File of Life program educates the at risk population about the importance of having pertinent medical information available to EMS in a prearranged, accessible location in case of an emergency. If an individual experiences a medical emergency and is unable to communicate to first responders effectively, this product provides pertinent medical information to first responders to ensure the patient receives efficient emergency care.

Fire and Life Safety Presentation

Personnel are trained to provide safety presentations to schools, community organizations, civic groups, neighborhood events, senior centers, religious groups, businesses, and public and private agencies. Presentations can be adapted to meet the individual request or group needs.

Fired Up for Safety First Grade School Program

Each year the department provides fire prevention and safety information to first grade students in the county. Educators can request these presentations through the online request form. This program incorporates an interactive lesson to ensure students retain this important fire safety related to smoke alarms, home escape plans, and other fire safety topics.

Hazard House

This portable "doll-type" house allows children (and adults) a hands-on approach to learn key concepts about fire safety and injury prevention in their homes. This prop can be used for formal presentations or at larger community events. The prop includes extra accessories to create an interactive experience.

Hazard House Kiosk 

The kiosk provides another format to deliver the fire safety and injury prevention information included with the regular Hazard House prop. This stand-alone kiosk does not require an educator to be present. Individuals can explore the Hazard House and learn about fire safety at their own pace. This is a great prop to place in areas where people may have some extra time.

Home Escape Obstacle Course 

This obstacle course is available for community events and educates children (and families) the proper steps to take to safely exit the home in the event of a fire. After a brief educational session the individual then applies their newly acquired knowledge by demonstrating each step throughout the course, from identifying the sound of the smoke alarm to completing the 9-1-1 call.

Home Inspection Program

Upon request, station personnel are able to complete free home safety inspections for residents. This limited inspection of the home identifies basic safety hazards and provides recommendation to mitigate and issues. Topics reviewed include but are not limited to home heating safety, electrical safety, kitchen safety, smoking safety, and candle safety. Personnel provide recommendations to reduce the risk in the home.

Leesburg Kidsmart Safety Camp 

Fire and rescue personnel participate in this program coordinated by the Leesburg Police. This week long camp for children ages six to ten years old focuses on specific safety topics including fire safety and 9-1-1 and emergencies.  Each year campers receive a station tour and learn about smoke alarms, home escape plans, when to call 9-1-1, and other fire safety tips.

Life Safety Trailer

The Life Safety Trailer is a 36 foot trailer designed to simulate a house. It is a mobile classroom that is used to teach the importance of smoke alarms, proper fire escape plans, general home safety, and severe weather preparedness to individuals of all ages. This prop can be used in a variety of setting to promote safety throughout the community.

McGruff Safety Camp

In partnership with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, McGruff Safety Camp is held every summer at different locations in the county. This is a free camp that allows children who are entering kindergarten or first grade to learn about various safety topics including fire safety, bicycle safety, gun safety, 9-1-1 and emergencies and many more. Throughout the week children have the opportunity to meet law enforcement and fire-rescue personnel and the emergency vehicles that they use. This camp began in 1988 and have continued every summer since then.

Station Visits

Visit your local fire station and meet with the firefighters that serve your area. Taking time to see the fire station provides the opportunity to understand the role firefighters have in the community and see some of the gear and equipment they use. It also provides a better understanding of how emergency services are coordinated within the area.

Youth Firesetter Prevention and Intervention (YFPI)

Youth firesetting or the misuse of fire by children should be taken seriously even if the event did not result in a significant incident. The YFPI Program is a comprehensive program that utilizes an educational intervention to prevent and reduce juvenile related incidents resulting in injury, property loss, and death. The YFPI program collaborates with other local agencies to provide additional services and interventions if needed.