Educational Resources & Programs

There are several programs and items that LCFR utilizes to educate the community about various safety topics. Below is a list of tools available. For more information or to request a program, contact the Public Education Manager at 703-737-8093 or email us.

  • 911 Simulator
    • The 911 Simulator is used to teach children when and how to dial 911 in case of an emergency. They also learn what types of questions a dispatcher will ask and how to respond appropriately.
  • After the Fire
    • After a residential fire or other incident where homeowner(s) are displaced, personnel can provide information to assist with recovery including food, clothing, shelter, and counseling services. A booklet will be provided to the homeowner on how to access the various services.
911 Stimulator
  • Community Groups/Events
    • Personnel are trained to provide safety messages to a variety of audiences including preschools, church groups, scouts, service groups, assisted living homes, and others. Safety messages can easily be tailored to the needs of the group. Every attempt will be made to accommodate station visits but availability is dependent upon crew schedules and call volume.
    • Community events also offer the opportunity to provide relevant information on what to do in case of an emergency and promote safety concepts.
File of Life
  • File of Life
    • The File of Life program educates the at risk population about the importance of having pertinent medical information available to EMS in a prearranged, accessible location in case of an emergency.
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  • Hazard House
    • The portable "doll-type" house allows children a hands-on approach to learning key concepts about fire safety and injury prevention in their homes.
  • Home Inspection Program
    • As requested, station personnel are able to complete free home safety inspections for residents. This limited inspection of the home covers general fire safety as well as heating, electrical, kitchen, smoking, and candle hazards, so safety improvements can be recommended to the homeowners.
Hazard House
  • Life Safety Trailer
    • The Life Safety Trailer is a 36 feet trailer designed to simulate a house. It is a mobile classroom that is used to teach fire escape plans, home safety, and severe weather preparedness to individuals of all ages.
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Intalling Smoke Alarm
  • "Put a Finger On It" - Smoke Alarm Campaign
    • Our goal is to prevent fire injuries and deaths and ensure that all residents remain safe in their homes with properly maintained and working smoke alarms. Trained personnel are available to provide free smoke alarm assessments and installations to Loudoun County residents. We are also able to provide free hearing impaired/deaf smoke alarms and installation to Loudoun County special needs residents.