Emergency Preparedness for People With Disabilities

Evacuation Assistance Registry (CLEAR)


  • The County of Loudoun Evacuation Assistance Registry (CLEAR) is a secure, voluntary registry designed to assist the Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) with the planning and coordination of evacuation assistance for individuals with disabilities who live or work in Loudoun County. 
  • Registration in this program does not correlate to any other service offered or implied by Loudoun County or the Office of Emergency Management; such as snow removal, electricity restoration, etc.
  • Individuals who may require assistance in the event of an evacuation are encouraged to submit their information to CLEAR on their own behalf. 
  • Parents or legal guardians must submit information on behalf of a minor child. 
  • An official or caregiver may submit information on behalf of an individual with explicit authorization to do so.


How We Will Use the Information

  • The information submitted and maintained by registrants will be maintained and used by OEM for the sole purpose of planning for and assisting residents during an emergency or disaster requiring evacuation authorized by a Loudoun County public safety agency.
  • The information submitted will only be shared with public safety agencies and other authorized organizations when necessary to coordinate evacuation assistance. 
  • The information submitted will not be disclosed for any reason other than preparing for or responding to a request for evacuation assistance during an emergency.
  • Pursuant to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, health information submitted to OEM as part of the registry process is considered exempt from disclosure to the public and such health information will be kept secure.

Updating Your Profile

  • It is important to update registry information to ensure the most accurate information is on file when needed to assist the registrant with an evacuation.
  • Registrants are asked to notify OEM if they no longer require evacuation assistance. Updated profiles are the sole responsibility of the registrant.

For More Information

If you would like this information in an alternate format or need further assistance, please contact:
CLEAR Administrator
Email the CLEAR Administrator
Phone: 703-737-8200

Disaster Preparedness Videos for People with Disabilities 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has videos on personal disaster preparedness for people with disabilities. The videos give tips on how to be prepared and suggest some items to bring with you in an emergency based on your particular disability.  

Find additional preparedness videos at ready.gov