ePACT for Licensed PRCS Programs

For the 2024-2025 schoolyear, Loudoun PRCS will now utilize ePACT, a documentation and support network, to collect the paperwork our department needs and that is required by the Virginia Department of Education Child Day Care Center Standards for licensed programs (childcare, preschool, CASA, and select summer camps) and the YAS program. These requirements are listed here for preschool and here for after-school programs.  

How ePACT Works

  • Once you have enrolled your child in a PRCS-licensed program, you will receive an email from Loudoun PRCS and ePACT to create a login.
  • The system offers a secure network to collect critical emergency data from families attending our programs and is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant online system.
  • The ePACT system replaces the need to complete multiple forms, waivers, and consent documents from parents and guardians, improving our ability to collect, manage, and access critical information needed to help support our families and meet State requirements.

How to Submit Required Information

  • You will receive an email invite to share information with Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services.
  • Click on ’Complete Request’ to create a free account, or log in if you already have an existing ePACT account.
  • Enter and answer the required information and add your initials and signature. You can also upload additional documents like health and identity records and medication administration forms.
  • Share it with Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services to ensure staff has access.
  • For assistance with registration or submitting forms, please contact ePACT by email or by calling 1-855-773-7228.

Why PRCS is Using ePACT

  • To save you time - With ePACT, you only need to complete your child’s information once, and can then use that same record for other programs or subsequent years.
  • Improved privacy and security - Eliminating paper forms ensures that your key information is safe and secure. ePACT maintains the same levels of security as online banking, and limits access only to the administrators we assign for enhanced privacy.
  • Better support - ePACT makes it easy for you to share comprehensive health and emergency contact details, so we can provide the best support to your child. Plus, you can update this anytime and we will automatically receive those new details.