Open Access Plus High (effective 1/1/2024)

You have the freedom to choose doctors both in and out-of-network.  A primary care physician is recommended but not required and you can see a specialist without a referral. Benefits are payable at the more cost-effective, in-network level, generally 100% after the applicable co-pay. Otherwise, benefits are payable out-of-network after satisfaction of the annual deductible. This plan is administered by Cigna.

Benefit Details


In-Network Benefits

Out-of-Network Benefits
PCP Office Visit and
Convenience Care Clinic
20% after deductible / N/A
Specialist Office Visit
20% after deductible
$1,500 per individual
$4,500 per family
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$4,000 per individual
$8,000 per family
$5,000 per individual
$15,000 per family