Goose Creek Pointe Park

This park is undeveloped and currently not open to the public.

Future trails and the public entrance to Goose Creek Pointe Park will be accessed at the trailhead and parking area at nearby Edgar Tillett Memorial Park.


  • Goose Creek Pointe Park is a 61.40-acre parcel of land that was part of an April 2004 proffer to Loudoun County through the Belmont Glen/Rouse property rezoning application.
  • The park is planned as a passive park with future trails as part of the county’s Linear Parks and Trail System initiative.  
    • Loudoun County is developing an interconnected, countywide linear parks and trails system. The comprehensive system will provide a variety of functions and benefits, including recreation, alternative transportation, wildlife habitat, water quality protection, flood hazard reduction, aquifer recharge, erosion prevention, property value enhancement, economic development, and scenic beauty. 
  • Loudoun PRCS is currently conducting a trail analysis in conjunction with the Linear Parks and Trails (LPAT) Initiative that will connect the Beaver Dam Reservoir trail system and Edgar Tillet Memorial Park.  
  • It is anticipated planning and implementation of the trail between the Beaver Dam Reservoir trail system and Edgar Tillet Memorial Park to include access through Goose Creek Pointe Park will be complete in the Spring of 2024.

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