Red Hill Community Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Board Approves Red Hill Community Comprehensive Plan Amendment

At its February 7, 2023, business meeting, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to approve the Red Hill Community Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM). In the coming weeks, the county will update the 2019 Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan, which includes the General Plan and the Countywide Transportation Plan, to implement the approved text and map amendments.

Past Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission Actions

At its January 11, 2023, public hearing, the Board of Supervisors voted to forward the proposed Red Hill Community Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) to its February 7, 2023, meeting. 

Following its October 25, 2022, public hearing, the Loudoun County Planning Commission forwarded the CPAM to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation of approval. The commission is also recommending that the Board of Supervisors develop a scope of work and time frame for the evaluation of the Phase 2 area of the Transition Policy Area to consider areas within the Upper Broad Run and Red Hill subareas appropriate for higher-density residential development.


The proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment affecting the Red Hill community proposes changes to the policy and planned land use designations of the community that would:  

  • Move the area from the Rural Policy Area (RPA) to the Transition Policy Area (TPA) 
  • Designate the Red Hill community as a new TPA subarea 
  • Change the community’s designation from the “Rural North” place type to the “Transition Large Lot Neighborhood” place type, which includes a planned residential density of one dwelling unit per three acres as defined by the county’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan. 

Moving this area to the Transition Policy Area will not change the base residential density of lots but will allow the extension of central water and wastewater service to individual lots within the Red Hill community should utilities be extended to the area in the future. All the properties surrounding the Red Hill community, including Greene Mill Preserve, are currently served by central utilities.  

The CPAM, if approved, would update the land use policies and maps of the 2019 Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan to address these changes.  

Community Meetings

The Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning has held public meetings to update members of the community on the CPAM; a virtual meeting in July and an in-person meeting in September of 2022.

About the Red Hill Community

The Red Hill community is bounded on the northwest by Greene Mill Preserve, on the east by Evergreen Mill Road (Route 621), and on the south by the watershed boundary of Goose Creek, which serves as the present boundary between the county’s Rural Policy Area and its Transition Policy Area. The community is a rural area that comprises approximately 41 parcels totaling approximately 424 acres; it includes larger parcels in forested open space and agricultural uses as well as smaller residential lots concentrated along Red Hill Road. Approximately 40 percent (172.9 acres) of the total acreage of the community is owned by the Loudoun County School Board and is planned for future school or public uses. 

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For More Information

For more information about the CPAM, email the Department of Planning and Zoning or call 703-777-0246.