SmartBenefits® Plu$50 Incentive Program

SmartBenefits® Plu$50 is an incentive program for Loudoun County employers, providing a no-fee system for administering qualified transportation fringe benefits while encouraging employees to try transit. Loudoun County Commuter Services provides participating employers free SmarTrip® cards, pre-loaded with $50, to help eligible employees pay for travel on buses, Metrorail, or vanpools. Loudoun County Transit buses are equipped to accept Metro's SmarTrip® electronic fair collection via plastic card and mobile pay.

When the free $50 benefit is used up, the employee can request full-time enrollment in the SmartBenefits® commuter benefits program, provided by the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA). The program provides a system for managing qualified transportation fringe benefits, which are allowed by Section 132(f) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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How to Participate

To pursue SmartBenefits® Plu$50 for your Loudoun County workplace, email Loudoun County Commuter Services or call 703-771-5665. Click the tabs below for information about SmartBenefits® Plu$50 program eligibility and guidelines.

  1. Eligibility
  2. Guidelines

Federal government employees, employees already enrolled in SmartBenefits®, and current vanpool or transit commuters are not eligible for this incentive. Eligible employees:

  • work for an employer in Loudoun County.
  • are interested in riding buses, Metrorail, or vanpools.
  • have not previously acquired a SmarTrip® card.

Contact Us

Contact the employer outreach specialist at Loudoun County Transit at 703-737-8044 or via email to learn more about employer services and the SmartBenefits® Plu$50 program.