Transit Customer Information Regarding COVID-19

The health and well-being of our passengers and employees is our priority. As Loudoun County reopens, we have made operational changes following the guidance of local, state and national health authorities to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure on our buses. 

To further reduce the risk of exposure, we recommend our riders follow the CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, such as avoiding close contact with people who are sick, staying home when you are sick, avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and properly washing your hands frequently. 

Face Masks Are Required

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) extended the face mask requirement for individuals across all transportation networks throughout the United States through March 18, 2022. Learn more about the order and guidelines. 

  • Face coverings are required on Loudoun County buses and in waiting areas, until further notice.

New Operational Procedures


Fare collection via SmarTrip® and/or cash resumed on all Loudoun County buses on May 3, 2021, including Commuter, Metro Connection and Local Bus routes. Loudoun County Transit buses are equipped for Metro SmarTrip® electronic fare collection, reducing the need for drivers and passengers to handle cash and accelerating passenger boarding time. The Route 40 Purcellville Connector still requires cash or VRT punch pass and does not accept SmartTrip® cards. More information is provided on the Fares page.  

Bus Cleaning

Cleaning crews are wiping down the interiors of each bus with antiseptic cleaners each day. Bus operators are wiping down frequently touched surfaces on the bus (i.e. handholds, farebox, seat handholds, etc.) before starting their run and in-between trips. This cleaning process will remain in place, in addition to thorough twice weekly bus cleanings, until further notice.

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