Temporary Outdoor Seating Permit

Phase One of the Forward Virginia reopening plan allows restaurants and beverage services the option to operate with outdoor seating as long as such facilities have obtained and maintain a Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Authority permit for the sale of alcohol.

Many of the issues raised by outdoor dining in a pandemic in Loudoun County are addressed in the Loudoun County Outdoor Dining Guide, which explains outdoor dining safety and regulatory Issues.

Questions about the application process?

Contact Evan Harlow at 703-777-0395 or by email.

Adding or Expanding Outdoor Seating

  • Occupancy of the outdoor seating area may not exceed 50% of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy previously approved for indoor seating. In addition, the outdoor seating must meet the following requirements:
    • be on the same parcel as the establishment that it serves.
    • not located within any vehicular travel lanes, fire lanes, handicapped accessible area, or required access to and from the building. 
    • not block pedestrian walkways or be located in an area that will block the use of parking spaces required for the establishment.
  • Establishments that would like to add or expand outdoor seating are required by ABC to provide written approval from the local government for use of the area. Establishments located in one of Loudoun’s incorporated towns should seek approval from the appropriate town.
  • To obtain written approval for adding or expanding outdoor seating, you must submit a Temporary Outdoor Seating application.

Temporary Outdoor Seating Permit Requirements

  • Temporary Outdoor Seating Permit Form (PDF)
  • Plat or Sketch: the application must include a plat or sketch showing:
    • the amount of outdoor seating to be provided
    • the location of the outdoor seating and the distance to the building or establishment
    • ingress and egress to outdoor seating and restrooms
    • any changes to the parking lot or existing outdoor seating area
    • location and type of existing outdoor lighting
    • any electrical changes, and if any outdoor lighting will be added (an electrical permit may be required based on the degree of changes).
    • the location and size of any tent or temporary structure that will be used
  • Occupancy and type of establishment: the application must include approved occupancy of the establishment and a statement of the type of establishment (for example, winery, brewery, or restaurant).
    • For help determining the approved occupancy of your establishment, contact Chris Thompson at 703-771-5527 or by email.
  • There is no fee for this application.

Submit a Temporary Outdoor Seating Permit

Completed application packages (application form and sketch) may be submitted in one of the following ways: 

  • By email
  • Building and Development drop box in the first floor lobby of the Loudoun County Government Center (1 Harrison Street, SE, Leesburg, VA 20175)
  • Mail 
    • Loudoun County
      Department of Building and Development
      P.O. Box 7000
      Leesburg, VA 20177-7000

Tents or Temporary Structures