Stockpiling of Dirt/Excessive Use of Dirt as Fill

Limiting the Grading Permit Application as a Means to Stockpile Dirt or Utilize Excessive Fill for Projects

Loudoun County is aware of the potential misuse of private property to stockpile and accept fill dirt that is not otherwise necessary for a particular project on the property. In 2017, the Board of Supervisors authorized a change in county policy to help mitigate the issue by limiting the grading permit process as a means to stockpile dirt or utilize excessive fill for projects to address the budding countywide issue regarding excessive fill projects in the rural area.

All grading permit applications that propose the import of fill to a property and are not associated with an approved site plan or construction plans and profiles, are reviewed by the Zoning Administrator for a determination as to whether the amount of fill proposed to be imported is necessary and appropriate to meet the technical requirements for the proposed development activity or use. Otherwise it is deemed to be “stockpiling of dirt” and can be considered a zoning violation.

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