Electoral Board


The Electoral Board typically meets monthly to discuss matters related to elections and voting in Loudoun County. The date and time of all meetings are published on the Loudoun County Government Master Calendar as well as in the lobby of the Office of Elections and Voter Registration. 

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Loudoun County advisory bodies are conducting "electronic meetings" under the Continuity of Government Ordinance (PDF) adopted by the Board of Supervisors on October 14, 2020. Meetings dates of this advisory body may differ from its normal schedule. Information on the actual meeting dates and times of this advisory body and on how to access an electronic meeting remotely will be posted on the Loudoun County Government Calendar and at loudoun.gov/remoteparticipation. Meeting documents are posted below.


The responsibilities of the Electoral Board include running elections in the county, including:

  • Appointing the Director of Elections/General Registrar
  • Approving polling places
  • Approving the appointment of poll workers
  • Organizing election procedures and policies
  • Overseeing the printing of ballots for each election
  • Overseeing the canvass and certifying the results after each election