Traffic Safety Unit

About the Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is composed of two Sergeants and fourteen deputies. This team is divided into the Accident Reconstruction Unit, the Motorcycle Squad, and the Motor Carrier Safety Inspection Team.

Accident Reconstruction Unit

Members of this unit share responsibility with patrol deputies in responding to and investigating traffic accidents. The Accident Reconstruction Unit (ARU) deputies have the sole responsibility of responding to and investigating accidents that involve serious injury or death.

Members of this unit have received specialized training in accident reconstruction and are certified with the Institute of Police Technology and Management for their accident reconstruction.

The unit uses "Total Station," a laser reconstruction device used in conjunction with a computer aided diagramming software.

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Motorcycle Squad

Members of the Motorcycle Squad are responsible for traffic enforcement and work from police motorcycles. The unit has seven Harley Davidson FLHP police motorcycles.This team has a secondary function of providing traffic direction and control, escorts, and special events.

Motor Carrier Safety Inspection Team 

Members of this unit are responsible for detecting and inspecting unsafe commercial motor vehicles. Members of this unit have received certification from the Federal Department of Transportation to perform these duties.

This team has a secondary function of responding to and assisting in the investigation of vehicle accidents that involve commercial motor vehicles.

More Information 

The Traffic Safety Unit personnel also operate the Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART) program and respond to citizen complaints involving traffic-related issues. Questions and complaints may be directed to the Online Traffic Complaint Form.