Protective Orders

About Protective Orders

In Virginia, there are three types of protective orders:

There is no such thing as a restraining order. First you must obtain an emergency protective order from the Magistrate and then you are able to file for a permanent protective order from the Juvenile District Court.

Filing of Protective Orders

All the orders are enforceable and honored by all the states or any of its territories. A person entitled to protection under such a foreign order may file the order in any juvenile and domestic relations district court by filing with the court an attested or exemplified copy of the order. Upon such a filing, the clerk shall forward forthwith an attested copy of the order to the local police department or sheriff's office which shall, upon receipt, enter the name of the person subject to the order and other appropriate information required by the Department of State Police into the Virginia Criminal Information Network system established and maintained by the Department pursuant to Chapter 2 (§ 52 to 12 et seq.) of Title 52.