Public Protection Class (PPC) Ratings Changes

In the past, Loudoun County's ISO ratings were for each volunteer fire departments first due area. As communities have grown, the PPC ratings had not kept up with the pace of improvements to firefighting infrastructure. In 2011, the Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management requested that ISO consider a countywide rating in consideration of the many improvements made to water supply systems, to include a significant investment of tanker fire apparatus, fire department training requirements and staffing of stations. ISO agreed to this study and as a result, issued new PPC ratings to the county. Loudoun's rural classification is 5/10 and the suburban classification is 3/10. This chart shows the range of previous ratings and the new rating as reported to the insurance industry on November 1, 2013.

Public Protection Class (PPC) Ratings

Classification Area
Previous New
Urban (Hydrant) 4 to 7 3
Rural (Non-Hydrant) 8 to 9 5
No Fire Station Within 5 Mile Drive 10 10