County Electronics Recycling Events

Electronics Recycling Events
Loudoun County holds two electronics recycling events per year. The next event, which had been planned for May or June 2019, has been postponed until further notice. Once the next event is scheduled, the information will be posted here at least one month prior to the event date. 

In the meantime, information about local electronic recycling options can be found in the Computers & Other Electronics section of the  A-to-Z Local Recycling Resources Guide (PDF).

  1. Acceptable Items
  2. Unacceptable Items
  • Answering machines (no charge)
  • Calculators (no charge)
  • CD players (no charge)
  • CD-ROMs (no charge)
  • Cell phones (no charge)
  • Christmas lights (no charge)
  • Circuit boards (no charge)
  • Coaxial cables (no charge)
  • Computer keyboard, mouse, speakers (no charge)
  • Copy machines, toner removed (no charge)
  • CRT computer monitors (with screen diagonal measurement of 30 inches or smaller, $10 each; 31 inches diagonal or larger, $20 each)
  • CRT televisions (with screen diagonal measurement of 30 inches or smaller, $10 each; 31 inches or larger, $20 each)
  • Desktop computers and laptops (no charge)
  • Disc drives (no charge)
  • Docking Stations (no charge)
  • Electronic games (no charge)
  • Electronic typewriters (no charge)
  • Extension cords (no charge)
  • Fax machines (no charge)
  • Game controllers (no charge)
  • Hard drives (no charge)
  • Laptop computers (no charge)
  • LCD computer monitors ($4 each, all sizes)
  • LCD televisions ($8 each all sizes)
  • Mainframes (no charge)
  • Microwave Ovens (no charge)
  • Modems (no charge)
  • Network cables (no charge)
  • Network hubs (no charge)
  • Pagers (no charge)
  • Power cords and cables (no charge)
  • Power tools (no charge)
  • Printers, toner cartridge removed (no charge)
  • Routers (no charge)
  • Scanners (no charge)
  • Servers (no charge)
  • Small household appliances, including hair dryers curling irons clothes irons coffee makers toaster ovens, etc. (no charge)
  • Speaker cables / wire (no charge)
  • Stereo speakers (no charge)
  • Stereos and radios (no charge)
  • Surge protectors (no charge)
  • Tape players (no charge)
  • Telecommunications equipment (no charge)
  • Telephones (no charge)
  • Televisions (with wooden console, $20 each; LCD tv's, $8 each; CRT TVs with screen diagonal measurement of 30 inches or smaller, $10 each; 31inches or larger, $20 each)
  • UPS back up power system (no charge)
  • VCRs (no charge)
  • Video games and consoles (no charge)

More Information

Please visit A to Z Local Recycling Resources (PDF) for more recycling opportunities, or call the Department of General Services Waste Management Division at 703-771-5514 Monday through Friday. 

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