Adaptive Reuse

  • The Loudoun County Business Assistance Team (BAT) partners with the town of Leesburg to focus on the issues of permitting, zoning, code enforcement and fire prevention as they relate to businesses within the town. 
  • "Adaptive reuse" is the process of reusing an old site or building for a modern use. Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg are committed to providing commercial property owners and tenants with upfront zoning, permitting and code-related information that will allow for informed business decisions.
  • Experts with Loudoun County and Leesburg are available to meet with and guide commercial property owners and prospective tenants through the building and zoning permitting process for the use or reuse of commercial buildings within the town of Leesburg.

Contact Information for Adaptive Reuse Team

  • Lisa Erickson, Loudoun County Building & Development Division Manager, Permit Issuance, & BAT Team Leader
    Phone: 703-777-0293
    Email Lisa Erickson
  • Michah Kiger, Loudoun County Chief Fire Marshal
    Phone: 703-737-8196
    Email Micah Kiger
  • Chris Thompson, Loudoun County Building Code Operations Manager
    Phone: 703-771-5527
    Email Chris Thompson
  • Michael Watkins, Town of Leesburg Zoning Administrator
    Phone: 703-737-7920
    Email Michael Watkins

Please email Lisa Erickson or call 703-777-0293 to learn more about the team’s services or to set up a meeting time to discuss your business plans.