Business Tax Appeals

Business Tax Appeals

Any person or business who disagrees with a business professional and occupational license (BPOL), business tangible personal property (including machinery and tools), transient occupancy or consumer utility tax may seek a review of the assessment using the Loudoun County Business Tax Appeal Process (PDF). This process provides taxpayers a means to address assessments or filing issues.

Before filing an appeal for a correction, reconsideration of a determination or for information on obtaining a written ruling, please contact the Compliance team to discuss the situation so that we may provide guidance and answer questions. We may be reached at (703) 777-0400 or at [email protected]..

If you believe that your assessment is incorrect due to a simple filing error or for answers to general questions regarding business licensure and other business tax assessments, please contact the Business Tax team at (703) 777-0260 or at [email protected] for assistance.

To assist you in preparing a formal appeal, please consult the following resources:

Loudoun County Business Tax Appeal Process (PDF)

Loudoun County, VA Codified Ordinances, Chapter 840

Statutory Authority Granted by State of Virginia

Process for Submitting an Appeal Application for Review to a Local Assessing Officer

Virginia Department of Taxation Guidelines for Appealing Local Business Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions: Business Tax Administrative Appeals

Code of Virginia §58.1- Taxation