Road Maintenance Information

Responsibility for road maintenance varies by road. Most roads are maintained either by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), by one of the county's incorporated towns, or by a private entity, such as a homeowners association (HOA). Maintenance responsibilities include the pavement and snow removal.

How to Use the Road Maintenance Map

The Loudoun County Road Maintenance Map is an interactive online tool to help you determine the entity that is responsible for maintaining each road in Loudoun County. To use the map, enter a Loudoun County street address in the search box. The color-coded map legend indicates road maintenance responsibility. Click on any road for pop-up information about the road and road maintenance. Additional functions are available in the toolbar on the interactive map.

Note: As newly constructed roads are developed, maintenance responsibility may change from one entity to another, such as from a developer to a homeowners association. Loudoun County’s map is updated on a monthly basis.

Road Maintenance Contact Information

Virginia Department of Transportation

Homeowners Associations

Many roads in residential areas are maintained by homeowners associations (HOAs). Prior to a snow event, Loudoun County encourages residents to contact their HOAs to learn more about snow removal plans that impact your street. View a partial list of HOAs with websites.

Incorporated Towns

For detailed road maintenance responsibility information within Loudoun’s incorporated towns, please contact the appropriate town.

Loudoun County Government

  • For questions about snow removal from streets and roads maintained by the Loudoun County Government and for general questions about the information in the Road Maintenance Map, email the Division of Public Affairs and Communications or call 703-777-0113.
  • For non-snow removal issues on streets and roads within Loudoun County-operated parks, contact the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services at 703-777-0343 or email Parks and Recreation.
  • For non-snow removal issues about any other Loudoun County Government-maintained streets or roads, contact the Department of General Services at 703-771-5552 or email General Services.

Please note that Loudoun County government's regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Loudoun County Public Schools

Contact the Loudoun County Public Schools at 571-252-1000.

Dulles Airport
Visit the Dulles International Airport website for contact information.


Some roads in residential areas are maintained by developers of the subdivisions in which the roads are located. This includes the time period before the roads are either accepted into the VDOT system or turned over to an HOA for maintenance. Please report any concern about a maintenance issue with a developer-maintained road by emailing the Loudoun County Public Affairs and Communications Division and be sure to provide a specific description of the road in question, including the closest physical address, if possible.