A voucher-holder may sign a lease and rent a unit from any landlord eligible to participate in the program.

The initial term of the lease is generally 12 months. In most cases, landlords use the same lease for voucher-assisted tenants as others. Anyone receiving a voucher for the first time and would like to use the voucher for a unit in which you have been living, a new lease is required.


These seven steps must be completed during the leasing process:

  1. Locate a suitable unit.
  2. Provide a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) document to the landlord.
  3. The landlord completes and returns the RTA to HCV Counselor.
  4. The RTA document is reviewed for approval.
  5. The HQS inspection will be scheduled and performed.
  6. The unit passes inspection.
  7. You and the landlord will sign and return all necessary documents to HCV Counselor.