Disposal of Sharps / Syringes

Sharps, syringes, and hypodermic needles (from a household) may be disposed of safely in the following manner:

  1. Place items in sharps container or opaque, rigid plastic bottle.
    • Non-Sharps Container Example: Empty laundry detergent bottle
    • If an opaque, rigid plastic bottle is used, please tape the top and mark it "Do Not Recycle."
  2. Check online for mail-back sharps container programs, search for "medical sharps disposal services".
  3. If there is no mail-back program available, containers may be thrown away in the trash, or brought to the Loudoun County landfill for a fee.
    • This is for Loudoun County residents only.
    • If it is not from a resident, it is not accepted at the Loudoun County landfill and should handled by a regulated medical waste contractor for disposal.


Hand putting a sharp in a red sharp container

FDA Recommendations (JPG)

FDA recommendations for sharps containers