Trash, Litter & Discarded Items

Items on Private Property

The exterior of all properties must be kept free of:

  • Accumulated litter
  • Discarded items such as furniture and appliances
  • Trash

All waste must be disposed of properly and may not be left in a yard, on a sidewalk, or in a street or alley. The Department of Planning and Zoning responds to complaints of accumulations of trash on property by advising the property owner or occupant to remove the trash within a specified period of time. The department also responds to complaints about an abandoned vehicle on private property.

Junk on yard

The owner or occupant may either contact a solid waste collection company or take the trash to the county landfill where it may be disposed of for a fee. If the trash is not removed, the County is authorized to remove the trash at the risk and expense of the land owner.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Loudoun County Zoning Enforcement at 703-777-0246.