Clean Waters Initiative: In the Community

  1. Fertilizing Common Areas
  2. Reduce Runoff
  3. Tree Plantings
  • Lawn fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous that help your grass and plants grow. 
  • When these nutrients are applied in excess, they can run-off of leach into nearby streams and rivers. 
  • Excess nutrients in streams and rivers can negatively impact aquatic life. 
  • Algae blooms resulting from excess nutrients block out sunlight and remove oxygen for aquatic organisms and plants.

What Communities Can Do

Communities can avoid these impacts by developing a nutrient management plan for their common area, which will help to establish good turf management practices. Nutrient management plans will help to reduce excessive fertilizer application from being discharged into local waterways.

Interested communities should contact a Certified Nutrient Management Planner for assistance or call the Virginia Cooperative Extension in Loudoun County at 703-777-0373 to learn more.