Vanpools can be a convenient, reliable and cost-effective choice for people who live 15 or more miles from work and maintain a consistent schedule. In a vanpool, members share the expense of a leased commuter van, minivan or SUV. 

Local and national vanpool companies work with interested commuters to arrange vehicle leases and insurance, coordinate billing, screen drivers and oversee procedures for servicing vehicles. Most providers offer month-to-month leases. Loudoun County does not own, lease or operate vanpool vehicles but helps commuters form and join vanpools.

The benefits of vanpooling include:

  • Members have a reserved seat on a customized route.
  • Groups are eligible for financial support in exchange for providing monthly ridership reports.
  •  A vanpool can begin with as few as four commuters.
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Programs and Incentives

Loudoun County residents and employees may register for the following programs and incentives. Select the tabs below to read more.

  1. Commuting
  2. Vanpools

These programs and incentives are provided in partnership with Commuter Connections, a regional network of transportation organizations. For more information, including how to sign-up, visit Commuting Programs and Incentives.

  • Ridematching enables commuters to find other individuals who share similar commuting routes and work hours to join or form a carpool or vanpool.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home supports commuters who use alternative transportation at least twice a week. Anyone who carpools, vanpools, uses public transportation, bikes or walks to work is eligible for up to six free rides home per year when emergencies, such as personal illness, a sick child or unscheduled overtime, arise.
  • IncenTrip is a mobile app offering eco-points for fuel-efficient driving, transit trips, vanpool trips, bicycle trips and other environmentally-friendly travel. Eco-points may be traded in for gift cards and other prizes. 
  • Flextime Rewards provides incentive payments to those who delay traveling during peak congestion periods in designated corridors in the region. Participants receive real-time notifications and  are rewarded up to $8 per trip for delaying their departure.


  • Find out how vanpools are arranged, how much it costs and more by visiting our Vanpools FAQ.
  • Commuter vehicles are available for lease from several area providers. Visit Vanpool Providers for details.

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