About Telework

Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, means using information technology and telecommunications to replace work-related travel. Simply put, it means working at home or closer to home. With teleworking, employees work at home or perhaps at a local telework center one or more days per week. Communication is accomplished by phone, fax, modem, and teleconferencing. Nationwide, more than 20 million workers are going to work simply by picking up the phone or turning on their computers.

This workplace alternative pays real dividends for area businesses and their employees, while reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, increasing the area's economic vitality, and bolstering overall quality of life.


Employer Benefits

Teleworking is an effective tool for organizations looking for a competitive edge in today's tight labor market. By enhancing an employer's ability to recruit and retain skilled workers, improving employee satisfaction and productivity, and cutting overhead costs, teleworking can help an organization prosper. Employer benefits include:

  • Strengthened employee recruitment and retention
  • Reduced absenteeism, sick leave, and late arrivals
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced costs for office space and parking
  • Expanded geographic access to skilled workers
  • Enhanced public recognition as an innovative business and as a good corporate citizen
  • Provides for business continuity of operations during a regional crisis

Employee Benefits

Whether or not an organization succeeds and grows depends more and more on the people that make up the organization. By working with employees to structure a flexible work environment that makes sense, a company improves its long-term business prospects and keeps good people. Employee benefits include:

  • Reduced long, congested commutes making late arrivals a thing of the past
  • Improved productivity resulting from fewer interruptions and distractions
  • Enhanced time management and opportunity for flexible work schedules
  • Improved balance between work and family life, boosting employee satisfaction

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