Public Notice Requirements for Legislative Proffer Amendments

Landowners in Loudoun County who seek to amend existing proffers previously approved as part of a rezoning are subject to a notice requirement adopted by the Virginia General Assembly effective July 1, 2012. 

  • A proffer or proffered condition is a voluntary commitment given in writing by a landowner to minimize the impact of the rezoning. 
  • Under the new amendment to the Code of Virginia (Section 15.2-2302.A) landowners subject to conditions proffered as part of an approved rezoning and who apply to the Board of Supervisors for amendments of the proffered conditions must provide written notice of the application to any landowner subject to the existing proffered conditions. 
  • Notice must be provided within 10 days of the county's acceptance of the application for review.

This notice requirement applies to any proposed legislative applications that involve amendments to existing proffers. For large planned communities in Loudoun County, this may require written notice to a large number of homeowners or other owners of properties that have been subdivided and developed in the community subsequent to the rezoning.

For additional information contact the Department of Planning and Zoning or call 703-777-0246.