Public Notice Requirements

Zoning Ordinances

To ensure that a required public hearing before the Planning Commission is conducted in accordance with applicable provisions of the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinances, the applicant is responsible for completing items relating to disclosures, property posting, notification of proper parties, and certification of notice. 

Proffer Amendments

Landowners in Loudoun County who seek to amend existing proffers previously approved as part of a rezoning are subject to a notice requirement adopted by the Virginia General Assembly effective July 1, 2012. (See details below)

Notification & Certification of Notice

Pursuant to the 1993 Revised Zoning Ordinance, Section 6-600, each public hearing involving planning and zoning matters before the Planning Commission requires notice to include posting property and maintaining placards, notice of proper parties, and certification (affidavit) of notice. Public hearing notices must be mailed to the relevant parties, as described.

Adjacent Property Owners

Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

  • If any portion of the subject property is within a planned development district, then written notice of the public hearing shall also be given to the incorporated property owners’ association existing within the planned development district that has members owning property within 2,000 feet of the subject property. 
  • Such notice must be mailed at least 5 days before the public hearing. Notice shall be sent to the last known address of the registered agent as listed by the State Corporation Commission. A copy of the vicinity map with the letters should be included.
  • Sample Letter to Homeowners Associations (PDF)

Neighboring Jurisdictions

Certification of Notice

  • At least 5 calendar days prior to the public hearing, an affidavit prepared by the applicant or their representative providing notice, shall be filed with the Director of Planning and Zoning certifying that notices have been sent as required. 
  • Such affidavit shall include a list of the parties to whom the notice was sent. A counterpart of such affidavit shall be presented at the beginning of the public hearing on the application.
  • Sample Affidavit (PDF)

For more information, contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-777-0246.

  1. Deferred Applications
  2. Disclosures and Reaffirmation
  3. Proffer Amendments
  4. Posting of Property

Deferred Applications

The Planning Commission agenda, whether for a public hearing or work session, is subject to change. It is possible agenda items can be withdrawn or postponed up to and including the day of the public hearing or work session. If an item is deferred from a Planning Commission public hearing, the subject property must be re-advertised for a new public hearing date.

The applicant is responsible for re-posting the property, re-notifying proper parties, certifying the notice and submitting a new Reaffirmation of Affidavit for the new public hearing.

Additional Information

For more information, contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-777-0246.